Flint Plus$23/year

  • Priority email support for Flint
  • Early releases for Flint
  •  Tips newsletter (optional)
  •  Prioritized Feature Requests (Flint)
  • Subscribe

Steel Plus$23/year

  •  Priority email support for Steel
  •  Early releases for Steel
  •  Tips newsletter (optional)
  •  Prioritized Feature Requests (Steel)
  • Subscribe

Matchstix Pro$39/year

  •  Priority email support for Matchstix themes, plugins, and libraries
  •  Early releases for Matchstix themes, plugins, and libraries
  •  Tips newsletter (optional)
  •  Prioritized Feature Requests
  • Subscribe


This is great, but how do I subscribe?

To subscribe to one of the above plans, simply click on the “Subscribe” button. You will be redirected to PayPal, who processes payment for us. If you run into any problems, send us a tweet @MatchstixIO or shoot us an email at msx -at- starverte -dot- com. Once payment has been processed, we will send you a confirmation email.

What are prioritized feature requests?

When you purchase a support plan, we strongly recommend you also join the Matchstix Development Team. We are always listening to users of Flint and Steel to make them better. As a subscriber, your suggestions will be prioritized before the suggestions of other users. So, if we have to make a decision on which features to implement first, we will always go with the ones suggested by subscribers.

What is Matchstix?

Matchstix is a website development framework for content managers and software developers alike. Flint is the primary theme and Steel is the primary plugin in the framework. But in the near future, Matchstix will also include child themes, additional plugins, and libraries. In order to get support for everything Matchstix, subscribe to Matchstix Pro.

Do you offer Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes and no. Matchstix is just software, and the services offered on this page are just support services. However, our parent company, Star Verte LLC, offers Managed WordPress Hosting through Fort Collins Creative. All of the Fort Collins Creative plans come with the theme Flint, the plugin Steel, and a Matchstix Pro subscription.