Install Flint

To use Flint on your WordPress site, you can install it directly from the WordPress admin, download from WordPress, or download from GitHub.

Install via WordPress Admin

  1. Go to Appearance->Themes in the administration screen.
  2. Click “Install Themes” (before WordPress 3.8) or “Add New” (WordPress 3.8+) and search for Flint.
  3. Click “Install Now” underneath the screenshot and then click “Activate.”

Install via Download

  1. Download the theme by clicking the “Download” link at the top of this page.
  2. Upload flint.zip to the /wp-content/themes/ directory
  3. Unzip flint.zip to a sub-directory named flint
  4. Go to Appearance->Themes in the administration screen.
  5. Activate Flint
    • Click on “Activate.” (before WordPress 3.8)
    • Hover over the screenshot for Flint and click on “Activate.” (WordPress 3.8+)


Spot a bug? Want us to add a feature? We are working on a better mechanism to provide feedback (with screenshots), but for now please add a thread on our Theme Support Forum.


Want to help us out by contributing? Check out our GitHub repo, submit an issue, or fork it and have at it.

Flint is released under GNU General Public License v3 or later and the documentation on this site is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. Some of the documentation on this site is adapted from the WordPress Codex, which is used under the GNU General Public License v2.

7 thoughts on “<span>Flint</span>”

  1. Sanjin says:

    What about widgets? Does this Theme supports this?

    I have a sidebar which I filled with widgets. Home is not showing anything. Other sites (post and pages) show but the footer section, one widget below the other on a gray background.

    • Matt says:

      Currently, the theme supports widgets via a “footer bar.” We will look into why this is not displaying on the home page. We are also going to rename the “Sidebar” to “Footer” so this is clearer.

      In a future update, we will be adding layout options, so if you want a sidebar and not just a footer bar, this will be an option.

      Thank you for using Flint, and providing your feedback.

  2. Sanjin says:

    Hello Matt,

    OK. I used the version v1.0.2 with WordPress.org. Now I upgraded to version v1.0.5 from GitHub. (On WordPress.org is not updated.)

    Now I have no problem with widgets. Now working on the homepage.

    But other problems remain. Logo section in responsive mode disappears. And in the demo version (//matchstix.io/flint/bootstrap-3/) works.

    Basically, I was initially a bit disappointed but it’s turned into my delight. It seems as if I ordered this theme. I fit nicely content of my HTML mini site. Everything fits. Even width.

    I will be free and some other time to present some ideas.

    • Matt says:


      Thanks again for your feedback. As I mentioned before, we are adding layout options in our next update. Flint 1.1 will hopefully come out later this week and we will provide more control over what “disappears” in smaller views. As we think about it, the default should be nothing is hidden, with options to hide elements in particular views.

      For a complete list of things coming in Flint 1.1, check out Pull Request for Flint 1.1.0. Don’t see something you would like in the update? Let us know, and we will try to get it in either this or a future release.

  3. Sanjin says:

    Hello Matt,

    OK. I looked at the changes that are planned. Should maintain simplicity. What would I like to see, but in the new version:

    – Adjusting body width
    – Comments responsive (now it is not)
    – Logo section: hide
    – Logo section: font size
    – Logo: smaller size
    – Widgets: sidebar in the footer and right sidebar
    – Footer: one, two, three, or four fields

    That’s enough to start. Thanks in advance

  4. Matt says:


    Since we are using Bootstrap responsive, flexible columns, I don’t think the ability to change the content width is effective. Right now, there are two columns to the left of the content (featured images), two columns to the right of the content (edit button or empty), and the content takes up 8 columns.

    The $content_width setting is wrong at 640 (it should be 750), but is used for the largest image size if not specified in Settings -> Media.

    As we add customization options, we are also trying to maintain simplicity in the options pages, and the defaults to be sufficient for at least 80% of users. We are adding “Clear” and “Minimal” page templates thanks to your “blank-page” and “blank-page-footer-sidebar” suggestions.

    We will definitely take a look at comments, as this discussion as made me realize some things I don’t like about them.

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