The Future of Sparks

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect the change to Matchstix.

For the last couple of years, we have been developing the Sparks Framework as a WordPress Development Framework consisting of the theme Flint and the plugin Steel. We have continued to improve upon both Flint and Steel, and we are currently preparing a roadmap for what Flint 2.0 and Steel 2.0 will look like.

We will continue to refine Flint and Steel and hope to release a second edition of each of these in the next few months. But we have a larger vision for Sparks, as a whole.The WordPress Theme Review Team has been preaching for quite some time that certain functions and features are “plugin territory” and do not belong in themes. We largely agree and try to adhere to the standards laid out by the WordPress community.

This is why we have Flint and Steel which work best together but don’t require each other. However, because they don’t require each other, there is some redundant code and some superficial boundaries of what belongs in the theme and what belongs in the plugin.

Today, we are introducing Matchstick Matchstix.